Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress: Beyond The Bridal Shop

Posted on: 16 January 2015

When you get engaged, one of the first questions people ask you is about the dress. When are you going to get it? Where are you going to get it? What kind of dress do you want? Everybody wants to know, including you. Now, most brides choose to go the same route for finding their bridal gown. They go to a traditional, tulle-filled bridal shop filled with hundreds of gowns that all look undoubtedly the same to the untrained eye. However, there are several different ways to find yourself the perfect wedding dress for you. If you are turned off by bridal shops, or have a unique style that doesn't really conform to the traditional wedding dress shop, consider going a different route. 

Thrift Shops and Vintage Stores

One of the best places to shop for wedding dresses if you are not into the cookie-cutter gowns of bridal shops (or if you are on a budget), is to head to your local thrift shops and vintage clothing stores. You can find a lot of hidden treasures if you are willing to dig in such shops.

Vintage wedding dresses are highly unique in their cuts and designs, and are usually made from high-quality, enduring materials. When you find a beautiful vintage wedding dress at an incredibly low price, you feel on top of the world and like the luckiest woman in the world.

If you prefer non-traditional wedding attire, you can also find unique dresses and gowns that you could easily transform from evening gown to wedding gown. You can find any number of options and treasures at such shops and places like Bridal Extraordinaire. So, get started digging for treasure as soon as possible. 

Online Options

When you are looking for the ultimate wedding dress for your special day, you may not immediately think to look online. Most women scour bridal magazines and peruse wedding dress shops without doing research through lesser known online venues.

Online auction sites are places where you can go to find just about anything your heart desires. When it comes to wedding dresses, you can find some of the most unique gown offerings imaginable.

If you are obsessed with the 1920's or 1800's, you can find a wedding dress either from that era or inspired by that era at the click of a button. Prices vary on such sites depending on the seller and the quality of the item, but you can still find incredible deals if you are willing to look.  

As you can see, you can explore options outside of the bridal shop to find your perfect wedding dress. All you need to do is be willing to do a little searching and digging, and you will find the dress of your dreams in no time. 


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