How To Keep Work Pants From Wearing Out

Posted on: 15 December 2015

Work pants need to be both stylish and practical. Since you will be wearing your work pants throughout the work day, they are likely to wear faster than your other pants. If you have large thighs, the friction can cause your pants to begin to tear. If pants wearing down quickly is an issue for you, there are some ways to make sure that you have quality pants that will stand up to long-term, hard wear.

Purchase pants thick

Pants that are made of thicker material will be likely to hold up to regular wear. If your pants tend to wear out due to your thighs rubbing together, one of the best ways to solve this problem is to get material that is heavy. Though the fabric may experience pilling, it will not wear out all the way. When you look for work pants for sale online, find pants that are lined with wool or fleece, or made of heavy khaki or jean material.

Add fabric patches

If the pants that you tend to wear for work are more lightweight, find pants that come in solid colors and sew patches into the spaces that tend to wear down. The inner thighs, knees, and fabric near the heels are spots where the clothing will wear down. Sewing fabric into the inside of the jeans near problem areas will reinforce the fabric and keep pants looking good much longer.

Buy stretchable fabric

Even if your thighs don't run together much, you can have issues with the inner thighs of the pants splitting if you tend to widen your stance when you stand or sit. If you have a job where you are moving around a lot and must do lifting or bending, purchase fabric that is made with spandex. This will provide the give that your pants need. Avoid cotton and spandex blends, as cotton tends to be soft and may stretch apart more quickly if you have a fast paced job that requires manual labor.

Hand wash your pants

No matter how well you treat your pants when you wear them, they will show wear and tear if they are put through the washing machine often. Instead of washing and drying your pants inside of a machine, hand wash your pants as often as possible. By using a washing board, or even just water and the tension of your hands, your pants will experience much less tension. Hang the pants to dry completely, then iron them to make them work ready.


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