How To Freshen Your Wardrobe

Posted on: 30 December 2015

Have you been able to recuperate from all of the Christmas festivities? Now that the holidays are winding up, you may be focusing on different projects. If one of those projects is focused on freshening your wardrobe. From new jewelry to the addition of a fur coat, here are some ideas for you. 

Be Merciless In Your Assessment - The first thing you need to do is to go through your present wardrobe to see which of your clothes are keepers and which ones you need to get rid of. If you haven't worn an outfit in say, a year, it should be placed on the pile that will eventually go to charity. If you're holding onto the dress you wore as a bridesmaid in your best friend's wedding, don't keep it just because it has sentimental value. That one goes, too! However, if you see that the dress can be fashioned into a skirt that you would wear with a new dressy top, that dress is a keeper. Think about inviting a friend over to help you decide which items of clothing still look good one you. Pick a friend whom you know will be honest with you.

Write It Down - As you sort through your clothes, write down things you need to buy that will give each article of clothing a new look. For example, if you've been wearing a black skirt with different T-shirts and sleek boots, give it a new look. One idea is to buy a tunic and to add a leather vest and fringed boots for a western look. Turquoise jewelry, or faux turquoise pieces would be perfect for that outfit. Remember that fit is everything. As you are shopping for new clothes, find a clerk who will help you find exactly the right slacks. They may look great from the front, but you need somebody who will tell you how they look from the back.

Pick Classic Items - As you went through your present wardrobe you might have noticed that something you bought several years ago is still a great addition to your wardrobe today. That makes it a classic. One fabulous classic addition to your wardrobe would be the purchase of a fur coat. Fur coats are perfect because you can wear them for casual events or for a fancy night on the town. If you take good care of yours, it will last forever and a day. If you can't afford a brand new one, check consignment shops and stores where vintage clothes are sold. You might fall in love with a fur coat from the 1940s. Wear it with pride!

Set a limit on how much you can spend on clothes each month and stick to that limit. Check out retailers, such as A Furrier - David Appel Furs, to find additional items for your wardrobe.   


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