6 Laundry Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Posted on: 7 January 2016

Doing your laundry seems like a simple enough task, especially if you have been doing it for many years. However, you can still unknowingly make slip-ups that can potentially ruin your clothes. Here are six common laundry mistakes you need to avoid making:

Leaving Zippers Open

Do you remember to close the zippers on your clothes before throwing them in the washing machine? If you leave the zippers open, they could tear your clothing and even scratch the washing machine. Do not forget to zip up your clothes before you do any laundry.

Using Excess Detergent

Putting too much detergent in the washing machine will not get your clothes any cleaner. In fact, excess detergent can actually make your clothes too stiff and wear down the washing machine over time. Plus, think about all the extra money you will have to spend. If you see lots of suds in the washing machine, it means you are using too much detergent.

Mixing Up Socks With Clothes

How many socks go missing after you do a load of laundry? If you are tired of losing your socks all the time, avoid mixing them with the rest of your clothes. Instead, put the socks in the washing machine first and place the rest of your clothes on top of them.

Not Checking Your Pocket

Before you throw your clothes in the washing machine, make sure there are no items in the pockets. If you leave a pen, for example, in one of your pockets, it could explode in the washing machine and stain your clothes.

Ignoring Dry Clean Only

If the tag on a piece of clothing says "dry clean only," it is not just a suggestion. Attempting to wash this garment in the laundry machine can ruin it. It is best to pay the extra money for a dry cleaning service.

Putting Too Many Clothes in the Washing Machine

You might think that adding some extra clothes to your load will save you more money and time, but it is actually counterproductive. If you overload the washing machine, your clothes will not be able to get as clean.

As you can see, there is more to washing your clothes than you think. It is quite easy to make a mistake if you do not pay attention. Be more mindful when you do your laundry, such as at City Laundry, in the future to avoid making these common mistakes.


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