Summer Is Almost Here: 5 Tips For Staying Fashionably Cool

Posted on: 17 May 2016

Summer is almost here, which means your wardrobe is going to need to change with the temperatures. If can be difficult to look fashionable when you're sweating up a storm. Luckily, there are some simple ways for you to stay fashionably cool even during the hottest part of the summer. Here are four fashionably cool ways to avoid sweating.

Keep it Loose

Summer is the best time of year to set your fashion sense loose. Instead of wearing tight-fitting clothing, switch to lightweight tunics and flowing dresses. Form-fitting clothing attaches to your skin and hold the heat in. Lightweight clothing will flow in the breeze and allow your skin to breathe.

Skip the Padding

If you prefer to wear padded bras, know that they're going to add to your body heat during the summer. Once the temperatures outside start climbing, that extra padding is going to add a couple extra degrees to your own internal heat index. Wear your padded bras in the evening when the temperature goes down, but during the day switch to a lightweight, unlined bra.

Go Natural

Summer is the perfect time to go natural – fibers that is. Natural fibers like cotton breathe better than synthetic fibers like rayon or polyester don't breathe well, which means your clothes are going to absorb the heat and hold it in. So instead of feeling light and breezy, you're going to feel hot and sweaty.

Bring Your Own Shade

If you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, be sure to bring your own shade. Once the heat starts beating down on your head, your body temperature is going to skyrocket. When that happens, you'll need to be prepared. Bring a hat and a lightweight, woven scarf with you. The hat will keep the sun off your head and face, while the scarf will keep your neck and shoulders from heating up. One of the benefits of the woven scarf is you won't feel like you've added layers to your body.

Resist the Urge to Reuse

During the summer, you should resist the urge to grab something out of the dirty hamper to wear – even if it isn't that dirty. Each time you wear your clothes, particles of dirt, dead skin cells and body oils attach themselves to the fiber. When that happens, the fabric is unable to breathe – even if it's cotton. That means you'll be wearing dirty clothes and you'll be hotter than you need to be.

Now that summer is almost here, it's time to prepare for those hot, sweaty days. The simple suggestions provided above will help you stay fashionably cool this summer. 


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