3 Different Styles Of Women's Underwear That You Should Buy And Why

Posted on: 7 October 2016

When you are shopping for women's underwear for yourself, very rarely are you able to purchase just one kind that will meet all of your needs. Different clothing and different situations are going to call for different kinds of underwear. While there are multiple styles that you can look at and choose from, there are a few key styles that can generally get you by quite well. This article will discuss 3 different styles of women's underwear that you should buy and why. 

Boy Briefs

Sometimes you just want to relax around the house in your underwear and enjoy the highest level of comfort. If this is your main goal, a great type of underwear for lounging is a boy brief. These underwear are correctly named because they are modeled after their boy counterparts. They do, however, have a few changes to better fit a women's body, such as the shape of the underwear and the absence of the front opening. These underwear resemble spandex shorts in their fit, but are generally made of a cotton material. They are perfect for wearing by themselves, but they also go great under sweatpants, basketball shorts, gym shorts, pajama pants, or any other type of loose-fitting clothing. 


Thongs are great for going under clothes where you don't want your underwear to show at all, such as leggings, white pants, and tight-fitting dresses and skirts. Thongs are also perfect when being used for lingerie because they really accentuate and flatter that portion of the female body. You can find thongs in pretty much every single color, and they also come in different styles. You can find a basic white thong to go under your white pants or find a lace detailed thong that is perfect for using as part of your lingerie. 


Bikini style underwear are great for wearing everyday with most of your outfits. They are low enough to wear with almost all jeans and pants, but high enough to where you don't have to worry about your pants pushing them down and off. Bikini-style underwear also come in multiple designs and colors, making it easy for you to find some fun underwear to put on each day. In terms of flattering your figure, most bikini-style underwear do a great job of making your waist look smaller and accentuating your natural curves because of where they fall on your hips and also the thin material on each side of the underwear. 


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