3 Tips For Updating Your Plus-Size Golf Wardrobe

Posted on: 28 November 2016

Getting out on the golf course can be a great way to get the low-impact exercise you need to start losing weight. Many women let their size deter them from investing in attire made specifically for golfers. By following a few fashion rules, you can easily update your plus-size golf wardrobe to make yourself appear more stylish on the golf course.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you shop for ladies gold wear as a plus-size woman.

1. Buy clothes that actually fit.

It can be tempting to invest in shirts that are baggy when you are buying a golf wardrobe, but this will only make you appear larger than you really are. Shirts that are too large can also negatively interfere with your golf game by creating excess bulk that will compromise the quality of your swing.

Look for shirts that gently hug your curves and are made from materials that won't cling to the body, and you will be able to hit the links in style.

2. Steer clear of black shoes.

The right golf shoes can significantly improve the quality of your game, and the right shoes can also contribute to making you look thinner while you are out on the golf course. Rather than investing in black shoes, opt for a neutral colored pair instead.

Dark shoes can truncate your body, disrupting the visual line of your body and making your appear short and boxy. By wearing a neutral shoe you can create the optical illusion of more length to your legs. Elongating the leg with a neutral golf shoe is a simple way to make yourself appear taller and thinner than you actually are.

3. Find shirts with interesting detailing at the neckline.

Just because you will be wearing your golf attire while getting some light exercise doesn't mean that your golf wardrobe has to be boring. For a plus-size woman, drawing the attention upward toward the neckline can be beneficial in camouflaging bulk.

As you shop for items to update your plus-size golf wardrobe, look for shirts that feature interesting detailing around the neckline. This feature will help you feel more feminine as you hit the golf course, and it will help you mask your size by diverting attention away from the thickest parts of your body.

Finding attractive golf attire as a plus-size woman might seem difficult, but by following some simple fashion tips you can invest in a golf wardrobe that is comfortable, attractive, and slimming.


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