Refresh Your Closet With These 3 Modern & Modest Clothing Pieces For Women

Posted on: 12 October 2017

For some ladies, bearing skin is a natural thing, but if you prefer to look good with a little more covered up, creating your full wardrobe can be a little more of a challenge due to the modern style choices available. Your best bet at creating a comprehensive modest wardrobe is to start with the basics that can be used with several outfits and build upon what you have from there. There are a few basic pieces you need to make this happen. Here are three modern and modest clothing pieces to lay the foundation for your perfected and preferable wardrobe:

Basic Black Maxi Skirt 

The little black dress is considered the go-to piece for many women, whether it is for a night out or a day at the office. However, the little black dress generally does not have the same appeal for a female who dresses a little more conservatively. The parallel staple in your modest wardrobe should be the basic black maxi skirt. Maxi skirts usually reach to the floor and are made with lightweight, shifty materials, so these skirts pair well with a lot of different tops. The skirt can be dressed up with accessories and a blouse or worn as a casual outfit along with a cardigan or tank and button-up shirt. 

Long-Sleeve Peasant Top 

Peasant tops are highly fashionable and come in an array of colors and styles. While most of these have short sleeves or even open shoulders, go for a long-sleeved peasant top made from a lightweight fabric so it can be worn through most seasons comfortably. Peasant tops are not form-fitting, but instead, they have a more loose-fit shape and design that flares out slightly from the bust and reaches well below the waistline. For versatility, go for a solid-colored peasant top that will pair well with everything from patterns to other solids in a complementing color. 

Knee-Length Culottes 

Culottes are the alternative to shorts for women who prefer to dress more modestly. These loose-fitting bottoms reach below the knee like a longer pair of shorts and tend to have a more open leg than traditional shorts. Culottes work well as casual wear in the summer when you want to stay cool, but they can just as easily be paired with a nice shirt for more upscale occasions. Therefore, make sure you pick up a pair of culottes that are nice enough in design that they can be worn during different outings. 

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