Three Items Of Military Clothing That Civilian Outdoor Enthusiasts Should Have In Their Closets

Posted on: 3 January 2018

Whether you're preparing for a completely off-grid lifestyle or just seeking appropriate clothing choices for spending an active weekend enjoying wilderness recreation, you can't go wrong with choosing military clothing and footwear -- after all, these items have been thoroughly tested for use in the most extreme environments on the planet. Military gear is also designed to last for a long time. Following are just three of the many military items available to the general public that may be better choices than their civilian counterparts. 

Military Boots

Boots designed for military use combine lightweight functionality with superior ankle support and noise reduction properties. They're an excellent choice for all-around outdoor footwear, especially for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Their waterproof lining provides feet with a warm and dry environment, and their soles are padded in a way that cushions the joints when the wearer is running or otherwise moving swiftly. 

Military Sweaters

Military sweaters provide optimal warmth with minimal bulk. You won't feel weighed down by these garments when you're chopping wood or doing other outside work or recreating outdoors. Military wool sweaters are preshrunk and easy to care for. Many are equipped with side, neck, and arm vents that can be opened and closed using zippers or Velcro, allowing the wearer to customize them according to personal preference or outdoor temperatures. For instance, when temperatures plunge below freezing, they can close the vents to preserve as much warmth as possible. Military sweaters are also made from very tightly woven wool, making them more water repellant than the vast majority of wool sweaters available from civilian retailers. 

Military Cargo Pants

At first glance, military cargo pants don't look any different from their civilian counterparts. However, military cargo pants are made of much stronger material and are therefore far less likely to succumb to the pitfalls of engaging in outdoor activity. For instance, military cargo pants won't give way and develop rips or tears when snagged, and they also provide better protection in the event that you fall due to their stronger and thicker material. Military cargo pants also have pockets on the inside as well as on the outside, providing wearers with the opportunity to carry plenty of tools and provisions during their wilderness activities. 

Please feel free to reach to your local military clothing retailer, like Bargain Center, for more information on how using clothing designed for military personnel can enhance your outdoor work or recreation experience. 


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