Selecting The Right Temple Dress

Posted on: 30 July 2018

Going through the temple for the first time can be a major milestone in any young woman's life. Sacred ordinances are performed within the temple, and the sacred nature of these ordinances requires that dedicated clothing be worn when you are taking out your endowments or participating in sealings.

Many temples used to offer the option of renting a temple dress, but these services have been cut back in order to reduce spending. You will need to purchase your own temple dress that meets minimum standards prior to your scheduled temple date.

Check the fit.

Modesty is the driving factor when it comes to the fit of a temple dress. You want to ensure that your dress is not so tight that you will be uncomfortable during temple ceremonies. You also don't want a dress that is too loose, as the excess fabric could make it hard to participate in certain aspects of the temple process.

A slim-fit white temple dress strikes the perfect balance between style and modesty. Try on several different dresses before making your final selection to ensure you get the fit just right. This will prevent you from thinking about your clothes when you should be focusing on sacred ordinances.

Check your measurements.

Certain parts of your temple dress must meet minimum measurement standards in order to be deemed acceptable. Many women choose to invest in temple dresses with hems that reach the floor.

The minimum standard states that a dress must reach the ankle, so a tea length dress would be appropriate. The sleeves on your temple dress must be long enough to reach your wrists, and the dress must be able to completely cover the neckline of your garments.

Check the color.

Women attending the temple wear white during endowment sessions and sealings. The color is intended to symbolize the purity and cleanliness required to qualify for entry in the temple.

A lot of temple dresses are plain, but there is no rule against wearing a dress with some adornments. You just need to ensure that any trim, embroidery, or other adornments are white.

It can be beneficial to take a sheet of white printer paper with you as you shop for your temple dress. It can be challenging to determine if a dress is off-white, eggshell, or some other variation of white in the store. Only pure white clothing will be allowed in the temple, so comparing the color of each dress to your sheet of paper will ensure you pick the right color.


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