Three Reasons That Silicone Wristbands Are The Perfect Awareness Merchandise

Posted on: 8 November 2018

When you think about producing some form of awareness merchandise to raise money and draw attention to a cause that is important to you, producing T-shirts might be your first thought. There's nothing wrong with this idea, and these garments can indeed achieve the desired results. You should also consider the merits of silicone wristbands, which many companies can produce in your desired color and with your preferred message. You can then wear your wristband to show solidarity to your cause, as well as sell these bands to people to raise money. Here are some reasons that silicone wristbands are the perfect awareness merchandise.

People Can Wear Them Daily

You might be able to sell an awareness-based T-shirt to someone, but the reality is that he or she will only wear is sporadically. For example, while the person might wear it on the weekend while running errands, he or she is unlikely to wear it day after day and will almost certainly not wear it to work. It's a different story with silicone wristbands. Someone who buys this accessory may slip it onto his or her wrist and rarely take it off. This increases the impact and broadens the scope of the accessory, as lots of people may see it and ask about it.

The Cost Per Unit Is Low

When you want to produce some form of awareness merchandise that you can sell to raise funds for your cause, you want to be cognizant of what you're paying and what you can charge. For example, if you're getting T-shirts made, you might be paying $12 per unit. This means that to make decent money for your effort, you may want to sell the shirts for $20. The number of people who will pay this money for an awareness T-shirt that they won't frequently wear may be limited. Conversely, silicone bands have a low cost per unit, which means that you can sell them for a few dollars and still make money.

They're Physically Easy To Sell

You want to choose awareness merchandise that is physically easy to sell. For example, if you want to sell your merchandise at work, lugging a huge box of T-shirts around with you isn't exactly easy. Additionally, you may run out of certain sizes and have a surplus of other sizes, which is a hassle. You won't have any of these concerns with silicone wristbands. You can hold several in a small box, and they're a one-size-fits all accessory.


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