Going To a Western Bar? How To Cowboy Up

Posted on: 7 December 2018

Trying new bars and experiencing new things is what you do when you are young. If some of your friends have invited you to go to a western bar, you may be wondering what on earth you should wear. To make sure that you fit in and really enjoy the entire experience, you should cowboy up with some apparel. From cowboy boots to tight jeans, this article will list a few things that you can wear so that you fit right in with all of the other cowboys and cowgirls. Are you ready to learn more? If so, read on. 

Cowboy Boots

If you have the money, then you should invest in a nice pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are a great way to turn any outfit from street into cowboy material. Additionally, they go with all sorts of things from dresses and skirts to jeans and professional suits. Just make sure that you take really good care of them because they can last a really long time. 

Flannel Shirt

Another staple for any western wardrobe is a flannel shirt. The great thing about flannel shirts is that they can keep you really warm all winter long or you can pair them with shorts in the summer when it's hotter outside. When you are shopping for a flannel shirt to wear, make sure that it's a little form fitting so that it's formal. Also, make sure that the flannel shirt covers your buttocks so that you can tuck it into your jeans or wear it more casually. 

Tight-Fitting Jeans

Tight-fitting jeans are something that every cowboy and cowgirl needs to wear. No, you don't have to get super tight-fitting skinny jeans, but they should fit more snuggly around your bottom and you want them to be able to tuck into your boots for the most part. When choosing some form-fitting jeans, make sure that there is enough elasticity in them so that you can at least enjoy a little line dancing while you are at the western bar. 

Going to a western bar with friends may turn a normal Saturday night into a night you will never forget. Make sure that you get the full experience by showing up to the bar all decked out in cowboy up apparel. To learn more about what you can wear, contact a retailer near you and ask them for some specific suggestions. 


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