3 Situations When Your Custom-Made Suit May Have To Be Altered

Posted on: 22 March 2019

As a man, buying a custom-made suit is a sure-fire way to ensure you look snazzy when you step out of the house, but occasionally, even a custom suit will need to be altered. Take a look at some of the situations when you may have to have your custom-made suit altered by a professional. 

You have lost or gained some weight and the suit doesn't fit the same. 

When you have a suit custom-made for you, it is measured and cut precisely to fit the dimensions of your body and to lay the way you want it to as you wear it. If you have picked up a few pounds over the holidays or dropped a few pounds, your suit will not fit you the same. Thankfully, most good alterations professionals can do things to help your suit fit you better. For example, they may be able to take out a larger hem on the sleeve to give your arms a bit more room to move or add pin stitching in the legs of your pants to make them fit a little tighter.  

You want to change the existing style of the custom suit. 

Suits do not ever really go out of style, but some of their attributes can be merely passing phases where style and fashion are concerned. For example, if you bought a custom-made suit and had the legs designed to have less flare and more of a skinny-leg appearance, this may be something you would like to change as skinny-leg suits go out of style. If you have a suit that has certain attributes that are no longer as trendy as they once were, it can be a good sign that you should seek alterations by a professional. 

You want a feature added to your suit. 

Maybe you like the look of a sateen collar, silken liner, or certain buttons on your suit jacket. Perhaps you prefer the pockets on your pants to be slightly deeper or the back pockets to be barely visible, to boast flaps, or to offer button closures. All of these are examples of things that can be added to a suit by a good alterations provider who knows what they are doing. Just talk to the service provider about what you want, and they will usually work to make the requested changes to match what you want as closely as possible. 

Contact a company that does alterations for suits to learn more.


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