Four Eco-Friendly Backpacks You Will Love

Posted on: 24 June 2019

If you have ever lost a backpack while traveling, you know that sinking feeling that occurs when it disappears in the wilderness or into a rushing stream. You knew that it would not be good for the environment, wherever it ended up, but trying to track it down and get it back was just not worth the monumental effort it would take. Maybe you wish that that lost backpack would be less harmful to the environment, or that maybe you wish that it was made from environmental stuffs that would be safe to "give back" to the environment that has now carried your backpack off to somewhere else. Maybe you just want a backpack that utilizes natural energy for all of your camping and hiking needs. Whatever the case, here are four eco-friendly backpack products you will love. 

The Backpack Made Entirely from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Recently, some forward-thinking recycling companies have taken plastics and transformed them into threads, which are made into a textile. These are then made into clothing and other wearable accessories. Counted among these products is an eco-friendly black backpack, made from recycled plastic bottles. Except for the zipper and metal décor, each of these "plastic textile" backpacks is made from several used and recycled plastic bottles. The company took the bottles from the environment, made them into a backpack, and now you have saved a small part of the environment by utilizing this backpack. 

The Backpack Made from Hemp

Hemp fibers are several times stronger than cotton and so much safer for the environment than processed cotton or silk. When left as-is, in its original greenish hue, this backpack is as natural as it gets. It will readily break down and decompose in the environment when you lose it and, because it is made from hemp fibers, it is also safe for all insects and herbivores to consume. When combined with a bamboo zipper and bamboo adjustable shoulder strap clips, it is the most organic backpack you can get. 

The Backpack Made of Bamboo

Speaking of bamboo, it is also used to construct backpacks. Every last bit of some backpacks is bamboo. Bamboo fibers, bamboo threads, bamboo fabrics, and bamboo "wood" or "plastic" components make these backpacks. Completely biodegradable, you will not feel awful if you accidentally drop one of these into a rushing river while whitewater rafting. 

The Solar Charging Backpack

This backpack is eco-friendly, from the standpoint that it contains a solar power collecting battery, which powers all of your smaller mobile devices. No batteries that can leak and harm the environment are involved, and you will never have to carry such batteries with you ever again. It does need direct sunlight for at least three hours to fully charge the solar cell. 


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