A Quick Guide To Compact Reading Glasses

Posted on: 26 July 2021

If you have a prescription for reading glasses, then one of your options is compact reading glasses. They are ideal for portability and are not your everyday glasses, but come in handy for many situations. If you've never purchased compact reading glasses before, then follow this quick guide to learn more about the glasses and their uses.


A key feature of compact glasses is their ability to fold up a lot smaller than traditional glasses. A key design feature is the extra hinges found on the glasses. Typically, a compact pair of glasses will feature an extra hinge on the center bridge and in the middle of the two temple pieces that go over your ears.

The design is built to fold easily and form a small shape about the size of a single lens. Some pairs of compact glasses feature magnets to keep the glasses fully connected when they are unfolded and in their full-size position.


Compact glasses are ideal for storing in easy-to-access locations when you need glasses quickly. Ideally, you want to store extra pairs in a glove box, your purse, or a travel bag. You may also want to keep a pair next to your bed. If you receive a text message or want to read phone content at night, then you can easily grab your pair of glasses and put them on.

When you own multiple pairs of glasses, you have the option to place them in different locations so you always have an option available.

Emergency Situations

Not only do the extra locations offer easy access, but they are ideal for emergency situations. For example, if your regular glasses break, then the compact glasses provide an ideal backup while you wait to order a new pair again. There could be times where you forget to bring glasses to work or another location. The compact glasses ensure you always have a pair available.


Compact glasses are ideal for travel because of their small size. When you fly on an airplane, you can easily pack the compact glasses in a carry-on bag. The glasses save extra space and provide you with easy ways to read travel tickets, pamphlets, or travel materials like magazines, books, and catalogs.

After you purchase the compact glasses, you will quickly get used to using the glasses and learn the best uses for the glasses in your personal life.


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