Protecting Your Skin With A Hooded Sun Shirt

Posted on: 23 May 2022

Protecting yourself from the sun is an important step if you are to minimize your risk of suffering serious skin damage as a result of solar exposure. Despite this being an important part of self-care, individuals can often be inconsistent when it comes to taking steps that can effectively keep their skin safe from this routine hazard. To this end, there are hooded sun shirts that can be worn that will allow a person to effectively shield their skin from this exposure.  

Sunscreen Is Not Always Effective For Protecting Your Skin

Sunscreen is one of the primary tools that people will use to protect their skin against the hazards of solar exposure. However, it will have fairly severe limits on its effectiveness. For example, sunscreen may not be able to block all of the harmful rays of the sun. Additionally, the effectiveness of sunscreen can deteriorate as sweating can cause the sunscreen to partially wash off the skin. A sun shirt will be able to prevent these problems by providing you with an effective barrier that can shield the sun's damaging rays of light from being able to come into contact with your skin.

Hooded Sun Shirts Are Designed To Be Cool

Individuals might not choose to utilize hooded sun shirts due to the mistaken belief that these garments will be hot or uncomfortable to wear. In reality, these garments are made to provide for effective cooling of the skin so that you can continue to wear them on days when the temperature is extremely warm Additionally, some of these garments may even have pouches that can be used to hold ice packs to cool the person that is wearing them.

The Hood On These Sun Shirts Can Be Comfortable To Wear

To be as effective as possible, a person will want to wear the hood whenever they are in direct sunlight. This will protect the scalp, ears, and neck from damaging solar exposure. When choosing a hooded sun shirt, you may want to be sure to consider the ease of securing the hood in place when wearing it. Otherwise, you may find that strong winds could cause the hood to be blown off your head or a loose fit may regularly shift positions. Ideally, you should opt for a sun shirt that has adjustable hoods or that even use elastic to hold the hood to the head. This can make it extremely comfortable for a person to wear this hood even when the weather is windy.

To find a men's hooded sun shirt, talk to clothing suppliers in your area. 


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