Spring Into Summer With A Flamingo-Themed Party

Posted on: 28 July 2016

Flamingos symbolize growth and emotion, which is the perfect sentiment for the summer ahead. Get rid of past negativity or conflict by hosting a flamingo-themed party for family and neighbors to renew old friendships and start new relationships.

Some ways to implement a flamingo theme into your party are:

Give guests a flamingo. Give guests great flamingo gifts as a thank-you for attending your bash. Invest in quality, handmade flamingo tote bags from a company like Flamingo Designs, which you can then fill with party favors, candies, or other goodies that suit your occasion. Check out the selection of cool bags found from online retailers, for something that your guests will use all year-round!

Cool flamingo decor. Go for flamingos wherever you can; get creative with all of your party details! Opt for unique items, including dishes, glassware, and napkins to make the event super special and to stick to your flamingo theme. Create a fun flamingo pinata to give younger guests an activity that will keep them busy as the adults visit and socialize.

Create your color scheme. Young flamingos are typically lighter in color, becoming a deeper pink as the bird ages, so use this for a perfect color palette that integrates a range of shades for your party. Accent with black, vibrant green, or crisp white for the perfect summer shades.

Concoct a flamingo cocktail. Consider concocting a Flamingo cocktail for the signature drink at your party. Make this recipe by the pitcher for ease when serving, and garnish with cute flamingo straws or stirrers. Combine light rum, fresh lime juice, and grapefruit-flavored soda for a refreshing, pink cocktail that is definitely flamingo-inspired.

Some fun flamingo details:

  • Check out local or online party stores for cute flamingo cake or cupcake toppers, which can also serve as your party centerpiece.
  • Illuminate your venue with flamingo candles in various shades of pink. Throw a few inflatable flamingos in your pool, pond, or yard for added accenting.
  • Buy a bunch of confetti in the colors of your party for guests to toss and celebrate with. You can make your own confetti by recycling paper using a flamingo-shaped punch, often found at crafting retail stores.

Throw a flamingo-themed party to send the message of growth and new beginnings to all of your friends this summer. Use these tips to create a great venue, full of brightly colored flamingo accents and details. Visit merchants and vendors to find flamingo-inspired bags, décor, trinkets, and treats for your one-of-a-kind party!


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