4 Questions to Consider When Choosing Women's Sweaters

Posted on: 23 February 2017

Sweaters are a must-have for most women's fall and winter wardrobes. Whether you choose a casual everyday cotton pullover or polyester knit, or a luxurious cashmere sweater for special events, your options are many. If you are wanting to add a new sweater (or several) to your essential wardrobe, start by considering the following important questions:

1. What Style Do You Prefer?

Women's sweaters are available in a wide range of style options. For everyday casual wear, you might prefer a simple crew neck (round neckline without a collar) in a pullover style. The cuffs and hemline are typically ribbed, and this style is most commonly made to be hip length. Some manufacturers also make these for tall women and in plus sizes. Tunic pullovers are extra long, typically falling to just above the knee. V-neck sweaters are similar to the crew neck pullover, with the exception being in the neckline.

There are other styles to choose from, too. Cardigan sweaters have buttons or zippers, much like any jacket. Of course, cardigans are made of a knitted material, like any standard sweater. Many are a bit heavier than the pullover style, making them a good alternative to a light fall jacket. A turtleneck sweater features a rounded neck, with material that may be folded over if you desire, and is a good choice for cold winter days. Sweater vests are sleeveless and may be worn over a button down shirt, making them a smart choice for the workplace.

2. What Pattern Most Appeals to You?

Women's sweaters may be solid colored, striped, argyle, twisted cable or seen in assorted prints. You'll find holidays designs for Christmas and Halloween, too. If you are uncertain of what patterns to look for, solid colors are a good choice, as you can mix and match them with most of your existing clothing.

3. Which Fabric Suits You Best?

When shopping for women's sweaters, you have many fabric options to consider. Do you prefer organic materials made from organically grown cotton? Cotton is easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. While a cotton sweater will keep you warm, it also allows your skin to "breathe" and ma help wick away perspiration.

Wool is another popular choice for women's sweaters, and it is sheered from sheep. You may need to have a wool sweater professionally cleaned, however. Always read the manufacturer's suggestions for cleaning. Cashmere sweaters are a more luxurious type of fiber, sheered from a Kasmir goat. It is softer than ordinary wool, and often more costly.

Synthetic fibers are man made and used quite frequently for making women's sweaters. They are easy to maintain and are often less expensive than other materials such as wool. Synthetic sweaters are often made of polyester or acrylic.

4. What About Sizing?

Most commonly, women's sweaters are available in sizes extra small through extra large. Plus sizes are seen in 1-X and up. Your body measurements may also dictate what size you may need. For instance, if your bust size is about 36-37 inches, you may fall into the medium size category. This is just a rough estimate, and since sweater sizes may vary among manufacturers, it is best to try a sweater on before making a purchase.   

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